Mega City 5000 Shut Down for Good

CF 01The infamous and highly illegal annual race between biker gangs has finally been stopped after judges apprehended all 5,000 riders resulting in no one finishing the race. Among those arrested were Zoot Smiley leader of biker gang “the Spacers” and Spikes “Harvey” Rotten leader of biker gang “the Muties.” Hundreds if not thousands of citizens have been killed as part of this reckless event and this year was no exception.

A shopper at Cosmo’s Emporium was heard to say “Aaagh!”

Story: Mega City 5000
Appears: 2000AD Prog 40 – 41
Issues: 2
Writers: John Wagner
Art: Bill Ward & Brian Bolland
Dated: 26 November to 3 December 1977

A neat little tale that sees the arrival of my favourite artist Brian Bolland. His style is so unique and different from everything that has gone before it makes an incredible impact. A real shame he starts halfway through the story though.