Progs 588 to 591 – Twister

Story: Twister
Appears: 2000AD Progs 588-591
Issues: 4
Writers: John Wagner
Art: John Ridgeway
Dated: 20 August 1988 to 10 September 1988

Well it looks like Oz is the new Apocalypse War – in that it is the story that keeps on giving. It seems that The Wizard of Oz wasn’t literal enough a joke so now they send Dredd to the land of the munchkins. Pretty much literally.

You know that it isn’t real and you can see it coming a mile off but you for some reason you don’t mind. You cheerfully put up with the very predictable storyline because had a certain charm, a certain magic to it.

The key to its success, just like the Hollywood film, is the technicolour. From the second part, where Dredd arrives in storybook Oz, all Judge Dredd stories were printed in colour. Saving this printing transition for this moment is a stroke of genius. The fact the rest of the adventure stays in colour must have been a real eye-opener for readers. Switching to black and white for the last two pages when Dredd arrives back in the real world is a brilliant touch.

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