Prog 542 – Corporal Punishment

Story: Corporal Punishment
Appears: 2000AD Prog 542
Issues: 1
Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Liam Sharp
Dated: 3 October 1987

In a single issue we have a dig at a scandalised MP of the time, a debate on corporal punishment, the timeless theme of juveniles not respecting their parents, and the horror of power in the hands of a child. And the wonderful paradox of Dredd saying ‘violence breeds violence’ except in the case of the Judges. A most Orwellian ‘some are more equal’ concept.

Progs 540 to 541 – The Return of Death Fist

Story: The Return of Death Fist
Appears: 2000AD Progs 540-541
Issues: 2
Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Barry Kitson
Dated: 19 September 1987 to 26 September 1987

Oh no, more racism. It is quite a reasonable story, despite poor dialogue, and does have a spot on ending. But the racial slurs make it toxic. In what is becoming a trend they hint at a future follow-up story so it looks like we won’t get to put this unpleasantness behind us.

Progs 535 to 539 – Alabammy Blimps

Story: Alabammy Blimps
Appears: 2000AD Progs 535-539
Issues: 5
Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Steve Dillon
Dated: 15 August 1987 to 12 September 1987

What would happen if Escape From New York and Deliverance had a baby? Maybe this would be the result.

 It turns out not all Cursed Earth stories are great. Just those set in the radioactive wasteland part and not the stereotypical Redneck swamp part.