Progs 525 to 526 – The Raggedy Man

Story: The Raggedy Man
Appears: 2000AD Progs 525-526
Issues: 2
Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: John Ridgeway
Dated: 6 June 1987 to 13 June 1987

Can the Cursed Earth ever fail to produce a good story? Not yet it seems. There is some fairly odd character design and narration underpinned by a solid plot. It builds on previous themes, has a tiny appearance by Chief Judge Silver, and features some Helltrekkers. It does its best to have some tense and scary atmosphere but lacks the page count to sustain it.

Progs 523 to 524 – Pit Rat

Story: Pit Rat
Appears: 2000AD Progs 523-524
Issues: 2
Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Brett Ewins & Jim McCarthy
Dated: 23 May 1987 to 30 May 1987

A plain little action story with a classic Mega-city twist. Unusually we see Dredd expressing enjoyment at a tasty burger. A burger made from rats. Also unusual is the fact that artists Ewins and McCarthy sign the opening pages in addition to the usual credits box. Possibly the sign of something amiss at head office.

Prog 522 – So You Want To Be A Judge?

Story: So You Want To Be A Judge?
Appears: 2000AD Prog 522
Issues: 1
Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Paul Hardy
Dated: 16 May 1987

This is a great peek behind the scenes of the Academy of Law. It fills in some blanks in the Judge Cadet system and provides some of the famously dark Dredd humour at the same time.

Newcomer Paul Hardy delivers some distinctive art both in colour and black and white.