Prog 457 – Chief Judge Resigns

Story: Chief Judge Resigns
Appears: 2000AD Prog 457
Issues: 1
Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Cliff Robinson
Dated: 15 February 1986

Here we see the fallout from The Warlord (Progs 451-455) and get a tiny glimpse into the leadership of the Justice Department. With some familiar faces being appointed to the Council of Five we might get some interesting stories in future.

Prog 456 – Beggars’ Banquet

Story: Beggars’ Banquet
Appears: 2000AD Prog 456
Issues: 1
Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: John Higgins
Dated: 8 February 1986

You can do a lot with a single issue story but more often the writers do a little instead. We take another trip into the undercity which is still fascinating but not overused. As always we end with the victims of crime almost as persecuted by the law as the criminals.

Progs 451 to 455 – The Warlord

Story: The Warlord
Appears: 2000AD Progs 451-455
Issues: 5
Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Cam Kennedy
Dated: 4 January 1986 to 1 February 1986

Judge Dredd unleashes his latest weapon in the war on crime. Racism.

You have a villain from the Far East, possibly inspired by the Fu Manchu films of the time, but he is treated well. The stereotypical accent is reserved for the painful New York dialect of his companion. But sadly every other word out of Dredd’s mouth is oriental slurs. Gone are the creep and punk used on every other perp to date. For some reason the writers are singling out those of Asian descent for special treatment. Which really isn’t what you want in a comic aimed at children.

All the interesting talking points about the story such as pre-emptive action against terrorists that remain contemporary today are flushed away under a tide of abhorrent hate speech. Which is a shame as the story has real repercussions for the characters within the Justice Department.

Prog 450 – A Merry Tale of the Christmas Angel

Story: A Merry Tale of the Christmas Angel
Appears: 2000AD Prog 450
Issues: 1
Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Steve Dillon
Dated: 28 December 1985

Christmas stories aren’t meant to be taken seriously but wheeling out Mean Machine Angel for a single issue is a gross waste of such a beloved a character. What is interesting is just how devious the judges are at rooting out criminals and how quick they are to execute them.