Prog 356 to 358 – Citizen Snork

CF07Story: Citizen Snork
Appears: 356-358
Issues: 3
Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Ron Smith
Dated: 18 February 1984 to 3 March 1984

Citizen James Snork grows his nose to epic proportions. This is an engaging tale which casts a cheeky glance at the world of crazes and our beliefs about what makes one popular. Naturally it all ends up with quite a different result once Judge Dredd gets involved.

It’s always nice when the Mega-city shows us just how strange we really are. Here we have the warnings about celebrity and talent show culture decades before our present glut of manufactured superstars.

The language and style of storytelling is actually quite poetic and Snork is not an unlikable character. The art is also perfect for the job. The grinning face of a Bruce Forsythe lookalike chat show host is particularly good.

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