Prog 322 to 328 – Cry of the Werewolf

CF07Cry of the Werewolf
Appears: 322-328
Issues: 7
Script: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Steve Dillon
Dated: 25 June to 6 August 1983

This is an awesome story. Once again we see Dredd on his own battling for his life and it’s not clear how or if he will make it. The werewolves are a credible threat and supply a good deal of relatable menace. We see Dredd ready to sacrifice himself for his city without a second thought.

We also visit the Undercity that we haven’t seen since the Troggies. We learn that Judges take the long walk down there as well as the Cursed Earth. This popular location is anchored in old New York with Times Square, Broadway and Central Park. The posters for films Rocky 37 Mad Max 25 are unfortunately anachronistic.

Dillon does a good job on the art with a nice touch to the action scenes. All his Judges look like Dredd however and if you don’t see their badges you can get confused as to who is who. His werewolves are great. Very bestial with inhuman eyes.

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