Prog 309 to 314 – The Starborn Thing

CF06Story: The Starborn Thing
Appears: 2000AD Prog 309-314
Issues: 6
Script: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Carlos Ezquerra
Dated: 26 March 1983 to 30 April 1983

A Lovecraftian tale, heavily influenced by Alien and set in the Wild West of the Cursed Earth. How could this not be a great story?

With several issues to slowly build suspense and malevolence you really get drawn into the peril of the situation. As the threat comes from an unknown alien literally anything can happen making the outcome uncertain. A high judge bodycount ups the stakes too.

The terrifying part is when Dredd is possessed by the creature forcing him to kill innocent judges. Committing any crime is an anathema to Dredd and being totally out of control is a really frightening prospect. This is his worst nightmare.

Ezquerra is in his element with the Cursed Earth, muties and alien life forms. This is very much his forte.

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