Prog 273 to 274 – The League of Fatties

CF06Story: The League of Fatties
Appears: 2000AD Prog 273-274
Issues: 2
Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Ron Smith
Dated: 17 July 1982 to 24 July 1982

This is another prophetic glimpse into the future from the 1980’s. The rise of obesity was foretold more than 30 years ago. The Fatties’ beliwheels are much cooler than today’s mobility scooters however.

This interesting story exposes some interesting viewpoints on class, wealth, minorities, personal excess and more. The Fatties are simply stealing food to survive, much like the rosy cheeked Dickensian orphan. Dredd’s solution is quite a political one.

The art from Ron Smith is great as always opening with a cool double page spread. It is chock full of quirky layouts and subtle bleed between panels.

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