Prog 206 to 207 – Unamerican Graffiti

CF04Story: Unamerican Graffiti
Appears: 2000AD Prog 206-207
Issues: 2
Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Ron Smith
Dated: 4 March 1981 to 11 March 1981

Here is a brilliant story. Not just because it is an entertaining read, or because it introduces us to Marlon Shakespeare who will go on to become one of Mega City’s great personalities. This holds up a crystal clear mirror to the politics of the day. The explosion of graffiti art in New York, the rise in unemployment under the Thatcher government and the increase in perceived juvenile delinquency in the 1970’s.

Marlon’s bleak future was, and still is, a real prospect for much of Britain’s youth. His closing statement “Is that what people are? Are we robots too?” is a sociologist’s wet dream. His parents with their incomprehensible interests are far removed from his generation and his sense of isolation and despair at the system around him is superbly portrayed.

The art is great and the start of the story is a double page wall of graffiti with the tags all references stories of the previous year or two with one pointing to the next Prog. The continuity is also well served with the Statue of Judgement reappearing and a genius debut of the White Cliff of Dover.

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