Prog 193 to 196 – The Fink

CF04Story: The Fink
Appears: 2000AD Prog 193-196
Issues: 4
Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Mike McMahon
Dated: 3 January 1981 to 24 January 1981

The Angel gang were too good to die and it is nice to have another helping. The previously unknown extra son doesn’t feel contrived and the flashback to his childhood allows us to see all the Angels in action as well as learn Mean Angel’s origins.

Likewise it is good to see previous judges in addition to Giant once in a while. Shame Hershey still doesn’t get much to do. We see Resyk for the first time and it is a great sci-fi concept and cool backdrop for a fight scene.

The art is strong with Fink Angel having a distinctive and dramatic look. Some of the strip’s pages were in colour and unfortunately don’t come out very well when reprinted in black and white. We are very far from the early days of Dredd and its crazy layouts. Straight edges are king and the only regular bleeds are the sound effects and speech bubbles. There is one incredible panel where the smoke from a chimney below rises to the frame above and cracks Fink’s face in two just as he is remembering his childhood. Genius!

There are lots of neat little touches in art, ideas, and dialogue. Including the killer line “”Pa! Fink’s gone! He’s taken his hole with him!”

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