Frankenstein Killed by Own Creation

CF02Professor Milton D. Frankenstein, DNA pioneer and radical scientist, who was dismissed from mega-City tech last year, is dead.

Frankenstein who had been attempting to recreate life in his own image murdered his lab assistant and tried kill Judge Dredd.

While fleeing the city via the Northways Bridge one of his freakish creations turned on him and they both plunged to their deaths.

Dredd was heard to say “Can’t you hear the doorbell?”

Story: The DNA Man
Appears: 2000AD Prog 113-115
Issues: 3
Writers: John Wagner
Art: Brett Ewins
Dated: 19 May 1979 to 2 June 1979

An unusual story on many fronts. The second criminal to be called Frankenstein and the second story to put a modern slant on the classic tale. In true Dredd fashion the criminal comes to his own sticky end. At the start of the second part there is a preview panel taken from later in the story. At the start of the third part the last panel of the previous Prog is reproduced as a recap. An odd occurrence.

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