Dredd’s Dead Baby – Dredd’s Dead!

CF 01Or so we thought. The Justice Department spent a fortune in tax money on a fake funeral in order to trap corrupt Judge Gibson. Gibson who was from the same graduating class as Dredd committed robbery and murder disguised as Mutie the Pig.

Dredd apprehended him and in a duel of honour at the Academy of Law killed him, sparing him the mandatory 20 year sentence in the Penal Colony on Titan.

Dredd was heard to say “It was a bitter victory. Judge Gibson was my friend” That’s right folks Dredd once had a friend. You heard it here first.

Story: Mutie the Pig
Appears: 2000AD Progs 34-35
Issues: 2
Writer: John Wagner
Art: Mike McMahon & Ian Gibson
Dated: 15 October to 22 October 1977

A dramatic opening to a double issue story that has drama and emotion. A good use of characters and locations introduced previously and other chance to see more of Dredd as a person not a machine.

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