Snow in the Mega City. Traffic Chaos.

CF 01Citizens were confused by cold white particles falling from the sky today. Eldsters quickly identified this freak phenomena as snow – something that hadn’t been see outside greetings vids for years. Traffic chaos ensued.

This was part of a daring plan by the infamous Judge killer known simply as Whitey. Using a home-made device he hi-jacked Weather Control and summoned up a blizzard allowing him to escape maximum security prison Devils Island. Whitey injured a guard, killed his cellmate and a passing citizen, then took a hostage before being re-captured by Judge Dredd who was heard to say “[He’s] got the rest of his life to cool off.”

Story: Devil’s Island
Appears: 2000AD Prog 31
Issues: 1
Writer: John Wagner
Art: Ian Gibson
Dated: 24 September 1977

A good use of a previous character and some dramatic action.

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