More Than I Can Chew

Well this is quite fun. Reading the early Dredd, reviving half-remembered stories and seeing all the seeds of Mega City One slowly germinating. Trouble is I have got a year to cover two-thousand stories. Reading wise it only takes me a minute or two per Prog but it takes me about twenty or thirty minutes to pump out my literary criticism, track down some art (or fail to track down art), and make it all look pretty. I love doing it but I also love eating and sleeping and I would have to give them up if I wanted carry on this in-depth coverage.

My goal is to read the Dredds and this blog is to keep track of my progress. There some awesome blogs out there that do what I have been doing much better. Where do you think I have been stealing the art from? Take a look at:

There are good summaries of the early issues, then follow the link to his new site for the current 2000AD issues.

For just Dredd you can’t beat this guy who has detail as his first, middle and last names:

So rather than compete I am going to try something different. For each storyline I will produce a headline in the style of a Mega City news report. And for the art, because you’ve gotta have art, I will put up the book I read it in so you can go find it yourself. I might put up the 2000AD cover if it is relevant instead. And for big stories you may get a full on review. Hey it’s not like anyone reads this anyway!

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