Prog 25 – You Bet Your Life

Dredd BadgeStory: You Bet Your Life
Appears: 2000AD Prog 25
Issues: 1
Writers: John Wagner
Art: Ian Gibson
Dated: 13 August 1977

Plot: An illegal gameshow sees people wagering their own and their family’s lives to win big money.

Verdict: A nice dose of black humour and poke at the plethora of cheap TV shows of the period as well as a sly Bruce Forsythe impression. Plus a close to the knuckle observation about greed and human nature. Inspired by the pirate radio boom of the time possibly.

Dredd gets a comedy sidekick as he is forced to take Walter with him to help him track the pirate TV broadcasts. A buddy movie in five pages. But surely Dredd has to wonder about having a robot servant who not only watches illegal broadcasts but whose favourite program is one where real humans are killed. I’d get rid of him sharpish. But Dredd doesn’t even give him a warning.

The art is well defined with plenty of detail and the characters have a distinctive look about them but there are more straight edges and panel borders than we are used to. It all comes together well though.

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