Prog 19 – Mugger’s Moon

Prog 19Story: Mugger’s Moon
Appears: 2000AD Prog 19
Issues: 1
Writers: Gerry Finley-Day
Art: John Cooper
Dated: 2 July 1977

Plot: Dredd delivers justice to muggers and poetic justice to the citizens who looked the other way.

Verdict: The fact that a brand new writer and artist can pick up and succeed with Judge Dredd is a testament to the strong concept and great editors at 2000AD. This is a strong story with an equally strong moral sting to it. Could it be Dredd joins the biblical parables and Greek morality plays as an expression of our social conscience? Or is this too highbrow for a kid’s comic.

Drawing night scenes in black and white is tricky but John Cooper does a great job and really gets his teeth into the dynamic layout idea. The dialogue is slightly Shakespearian but eminently readable.

We see Lawgiver setting 6, the heat seeking bullet or “hotshot” for the first time.

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