Prog 8 – Antique Car Heist

Prog 08Story: Antique Car Heist
Appears: 2000AD Prog 8
Issues: 1
Writers: Charles Herring
Art: Massimo Bellardinelli
Dated: 16 April 1977

Plot: Antique cars are now considered art and someone is stealing them.

Verdict: This is a quaint idea and an interesting comment on art and nostalgia.

A new writer and artist slip into this firmly codified format with ease. Bellardinelli has cleaner, finer lines than anyone before him but he follows the template with dynamic panels and loose composition.

We see the High Explosive Bullet for the first time and Dredd takes his helmet off. Yep! But it is covered by a huge censored banner. Clearly the fourth wall hadn’t yet been discovered.

There seems to be a standing order that Dredd must have the last word in each strip and he has to deliver a pun of judgement. This one is particularly weak. “I ordered the Walk-eezee to be put in reverse! Something that must never happen to the law!” And every sentence ends in an exclamation mark. I am not kidding you, there are no full stops in anybody’s speech.

And if you were wondering the Walk-eezee is a moving walkway that travels at 500 feet per second. Isn’t that 360mph? Good luck stepping off that. Sorry … off that!

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