Prog 7 The Statue of Judgement

Prog 07Story: The Statue of Judgement
Appears: 2000AD Prog 7
Issues: 1
Writers: Malcolm Shaw
Art: Mike McMahon
Dated: 9 April 1977

Plot: A gang is robbing tourists at the unveiling of the Statue of Judgement. Dredd shoots them.

Verdict: We now know who invented the cheesy one-liner. It wasn’t Arnie it was Dredd. After a criminal falls to his death on the Statue of Liberty Dredd says “No one can take liberties with the law.”

In four pages you aren’t going to have sophisticated plots, narrative devices or even character development. These mini-stories are like trailers for the main event to come. Each week there is a sneak peek at a fabulously detailed future world beyond that leaves us wanting more.

We do see the Statue of Judgement for the first time which now dwarfs the still standing Statue of Liberty – a metaphor maybe? And also learn judges have rifles as well as handguns.

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