Prog 3 The New You

Prog 03Story: The New You
Appears: 2000AD Prog 3
Issues: 1
Writers: Pat Mills
Art: Mike McMahon
Dated: 12 March 1977

Plot: A criminal changes his face to try and escape the law but Dredd matches his voiceprint.

Verdict: Good. You have a chase and a shootout; you have advanced technology like the face change machine; and ultimately the criminal is undone by his own arrogance by thinking his new appearance will fool the law.

The dialogue is still a bit pretentious with Dredd spouting lines such as “you shall kill no more,” and shouting the word “jump” to no one in particular as he jumps. His internal monologue is very external.

The art is very dynamic with round, curved and sometimes no panels. This really helps the story flow and gives a fast pace to the action. Mike McMahon does a great job portraying a shiny, grimy future with only black and white. His Dredd is very svelte and athletic. There is no sign of the rugged muscular lawman or the majestic chin yet.

There is no doubt that fitting a good story into five pages is definitely an art. You can see tiny glimpses into a complex and detailed world but need more pages to experience its epicness.

The Lawmaster bike gets name checked for the first time as does Mega-city 1.

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